Moon’s Magnetic field??

Recent studies have shown that the Moon used to have a magnetic field, almost twice as strong as the Earth’s field. This may have allowed there to be an atmosphere, which may have led to presence of life forms.

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it may have existed over a billion years ago. Recent discoveries made by studying the moon samples from the Apollo mission have shown that these microteslas from over a billion years ago have shown twice the strength of Earth’s gravity.

Why does the Magnetic field no longer exist? Scientists believe that billions of years ago the moon was much closer to the earth, and the earth helped the moon maintain its magnetic field by shaking it’s iron core. This produced an effect of ‘dynamo’ generated by electric currents. These same movements allowed the Moon’s field to get stronger while the Earth was closer to it. When the moon drifted and became independent, it’s lunar core slowly froze and it’s ability to make a magnetic field also stopped. The moon could no longer protect itself from the sun, asteroids and meteors from space.

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