World War 3?

We’ve seen the memes, the jokes, the trending hashtag of world war 3. But did it ever make you wonder, will it really happen? And why? Let’s find out…

True,Iran and the United States have been fighting the whole of last year (read article- Iran In A Fix? For more),over various topics such as oil and weapons (click here for more info) but this year is it looks like things may be taking a turn for the worse. Iran has led a ballistic missile attack on USA military bases in Iran. To retaliate, the US has killed one of the Iranian military generals, Qassem Soleimani. In response, Trump claims that Qassem had been planning an attack to four military bases and was therefore a ‘threat’ to the USA. This part actually had been true, as claimed by Pompeo.

However, in this whole battle Donald Trump not only managed to find foreign enemies but also picked a battle with one of the two parties in the USA i.e, the democrats by calling them ‘unhinged’ for defending the life of Qassem. We do not know about foreign affairs but Trump really needs a lesson in manners😉. Throughout all this Americans have coped in the best way they can- by turning all of this into jokes. As memes about being drafted and deported to Iran flooded social media, more and more people became paranoid about this and the government even had to issue a formal statement saying that they will not draft anyone to Iran!! 😂😂

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