Australia Fires

Australia is known for it’s fascinating wildlife and beautiful cities and beaches. It has, however always experienced bush fires. Infact, it even has a “fire season”. Although in comparison this year’s fires are much worse. More than 2000 homes were destroyed in New South Wales itself. They even needed firefighting assistance from United States. 7.3 million hectares have been burnt and half a billion animals have been impacted, with millions likely dead. Some researchers even said that a billion animals could be dead by the end of it and 1/3 of koalas have been killed. The fires vary from small blazes in an isolated area to a large fire covering hectares of land.

These fires are a result of the extremely dry and hot weather of Australia. Lightning strikes, intervention of man, cigarettes and other natural phenomena have lead to this. It is also facing one of its worst droughts in decades. The temperature reached above 40°C in some places, breaking the record for the highest average temperature. Unfortunately, their summer season has just started, and one can only hope for the situation to get better.

Are you disturbed by the destruction of the country? What do you think will help? Tell us in the comments below…

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