Wuhan Virus- update

A while ago there was a deadly outbreak of a lethal disease called the Wuhan virus, also known as coronavirus, or simply Covid-19. The Chinese government have said that it started from Wuhan, a city in China. It is believed to be originated in a vet market where alive animals are sold in close proximity to each other. It has already killed 132 people and infected atleast 5900 others. The Chinese government has banned the sale of wild animals until the outbreak is over. A number of Chinese cities with a population of 45million + are in a state of lockdown, with all travel cut off to contain the spread of the disease. However, a number of other countries like US, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and some others have also reported cases.

The main fear is that this disease will lead to an epidemic or worse, a pandemic. We still don’t know how to cure the virus but doctors are treating the symptoms. This virus causes pneumonia. Symptoms of the virus are cough, fever and breathing difficulties. It may lead to organ failure in severe cases. The virus is highly contagious and quickly spreads from person to person.

(Read more about this at- Wuhan)Let’s hope our scientists and doctors find a cure for this disease. Tell us your views on this in the comments below…

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